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Canon 90D vs GoPro Hero 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S10 – Best Vlogging Camera for YouTube

Do you even need a DSLR to vlog, or will a smartphone or GoPro work? To find out, I pitted 3 of the newest cameras against each other:

– GoPro Hero 8 Black
– Canon 90D with 10-18mm lens
– Samsung Galaxy S10

All three cameras shot in 4K 30fps resolution, with whatever internal stabilization they offered (Hypersmooth 2 on the GoPro, Digital Image Stabilization on the Canon 90D, and Super Steady on the Galaxy S10). All cameras used internal sound, with the exception of the Canon 90D, which had a Rode VideoMicro. Take a look a the resulting test footage and tell me: which camera do you think performed the best?

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